Green tea tablets are used to burn excess fats

Green tea tablets can indeed be use to burn excess fats in the body. Green tea tablets are sometimes used as fat burner, it reduces LDL level and also prevent prostate, and it can fight arthritis too. Green tea tablets is said to have a lot of healthy benefits and is good almost anyone. Green tea tablets can make all these good medical cures and prevention. Green tea tablet is knows as an anti-oxidant. There are free radicals everywhere like in the air and the food you eat.

As you absorb oxygen it turns into energy in a process called oxidation. This process then releases free radicals. These free radicals are usually removed by the anti-oxidant before they can hurt your body. As you get old the anti-oxidant in the body becomes inefficient and can no longer do its job efficiently. So now the use of green tea tablets becomes clear, it can also act as an anti-oxidant thus making our body healthy.