Vaccine Information & Awareness (VIA) empowers parents to question, challenge, investigate, research and become more informed and aware about vaccine risks and dangers that exist. The major philosophy of VIA, however, is to ensure that Freedom of Choice is not taken away from each parent. The decision to vaccinate is one that should and must be made by the parent alone. To this end VIA:

  • Edits Vaccine News of the Week Webpage that informs about current events, medical research, legal events and other facts regarding vaccinations
  • Manages the Vaccine Information & Awareness (VIA) and the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) Websites
  • Works with State Representatives to get various laws amended to include a Philosophical Exemption in addition to the broadening existing Religious and Medical Exemptions
  • Provides information by mail, phone, email, newspaper, public speeches, radio and television for parents who have questions/concerns about vaccine safety and efficacy
  • Works with Civil Liberty and Religious Freedom organizations to ensure parents the right to choose, where vaccines are concerned
  • Contacts celebrities and high profile personalities to help promote parents' right to make a non-mandated informed decision
  • Updates extensive vaccine Booklist
  • Investigates and researches medical and scientific claims on vaccine safety and efficacy