Meanings of the Numerology Numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9




People who are born with Numerology Number 4 are very smart and hard working. Expressions that can describe their life path are organized nature, earthiness, determination and honesty. Negative sides are that these people are harsh and stubborn. They could become good businessmen and researches.

Numerology Number 5 is usually associated with energy, accomplishments, immediacy and risk. These people appraise their freedom a lot. They make their careers in fields that are connected with journeys. They are wanted in any job because they are reliable and flexible. Sometimes they are very restless and it can be overwhelming.

Those who were born with Numerology Number 6 are very empathical and attentive. They do a lot of charity work and are very apprehensive. The happiest thing for them is to have family and home. They are very good parents. They could be good teachers and doctors, the field where you can care for someone. Sometimes they judge others too rough and try to help too much.

Numerology Number 7 people are very intelligent and haughty. They like to sit in quiet and are idealists. They usually are too sacred and find themselves in knowledge and placement of funds. Sometimes they get criticized by the others and sometimes get too isolated.

Numerology Number 8 gives to people who were born with this number power and domination. They are very good in judging and are confident. Their broad seeing connected with guidance skills could give good results. Their career they find in the field of selling apartments and also in politics and business. You should be careful not to work too hard but to give your love to those who are close to you.

Numerology Number 9 is often thought of people who are humanitarians. These people are friendly and idealistic, original and caring. They find themselves in making the world better. Also they are good artists. Careers are in care giving and artistic fields like teaching, or painting or sometimes even healing. But you should be very careful not to loose control in extending yourself, or not to loose focus. People with number 9 could get very upset if they didn’t do anything good for the humanity.