Meanings of Numbers

Let me tell you how numerology numbers can affect your destiny. In general in numerology they use eleven numbers, from one to nine and there are "master numbers" eleven and twenty-two. Each number has a specific meaning. The day of your birth could tell you your life path. If you add up all the letters in your full name you could determine the “expression number”, or “destiny number”. If you add up all the vowel letters that are in your name you can find out your “soul urge”, or the call of your heart.

What will be the following step when you have already determined your numbers by using a numerology calculator (or made calculations by yourself)? The best option is to read through the entire numerology guide. It will be useful to gather all what you have found out in your mind and make it work. There are so many types of numerology in the world, that is why you can not give definite explanations. In the following we give you examples to help you to get a general idea of meaning of each number in numerology.




Meanings of the Numerology Numbers

For Numerology Number 1 they say that it represents different and intense life paths. Those people that have 1 in their key are usually future leaders and are very self consistent and hard working. Also these people have negative sides, like egoism and self-affected personality. The people, that are born with such number often choose a career as political leaders and become directors.

For Numerology Number 2 they say that these people are peace makers and have yin variety. Specialties of this number are hopefulness, sensibility, and truthfulness. These people can think of the situation from all sides. Sometimes these people are too sensitive and it is very easy to hurt their feelings. Also one of the negative sides is that they are shy to express what they think. These people become good teachers and consultants or are good in something that is connected with customer relations.

The Numerology Number 3 consists lots of interaction and self-actualization. These people are optimistic and aspiring, and they are very generous. Also what is common for number 3 is that these people are very charismatic and it is easy to talk with them, like you have known them your whole life. They find their career in art, writing or music. But they never find a direction in their life and are very slow in actions.


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