The moon phase calendar

The moon calendar is a calendar composed with accordance and interpretation of the lunar phase. The relative positions of the earth, moon and the sun are responsible for the different phases of the moon. On an average the moon takes 27 days 7 hours 43 minutes to go around the earth. The moon is always half illuminated by the sun rays, just like the earth. But because the moon orbits earth we see more or less of this illuminated part which varies from 0% to 100%.

moon phase

We see a full moon when the sun and the moon are on the opposite sides of the earth and a dark moon when they are on the same side. The moon is a celestial body that affects various natural phenomena it also affects on the emotional state, reactions and moods. With the help of the moon phase calendar we can understand of the effects of the moon phase on us which can help us in dealing with the life situations in a better and positive way. It is believed that a new moon night is beat for setting up your goals and start with your resolutions. Thin silver moon is positive to maintain the new routines. Full moon marks the high emotional energy and the waning moon is the best time to make necessary adjustments.  Similarly various other believes are linked to the different phases of the moon but these are by no means accurate.