The close relationship Of Astrology and Numerology

The words of numerology and astrology are not uncommon for even the most ordinary people today. With the ever growing popularity of psychics and psychic readings, numerology and astrology readings readings are always part of the problem. However, if people will be asked, many of them would not be able to know exactly the meaning of each of these terms.


So what really are astrology and numerology and how they differ from each other? What aspects are currently regulated and governed by one another? Below, we discuss the answers to previous questions.

Astrology and numerology calculator software just are closely linked. Astrology believes in the concept that each number from 0 to 9-series corresponds to a celestial body in our solar system. Both concepts offer ways of understanding and analysis of the human person and his character. And astrology and numerology have helped people to predict what the future holds and be able to do something before they will actually happen.

Those who are not familiar with Pythagoras, the great mathematician? His work, the Pythagorean theorem, is still alive in the school and frightens many students. Nevertheless, his influence does not stop there, as his followers seek to reveal the inner meaning and spiritual strength of our lives.

The idea of ​​so many ancient civilizations influenced and still continues to influence modern technology.

Numerology is said to describe the lives of people in terms of:

1. Expression - It covers the purpose of human life, spiritual mission, as well as opportunities.
2. Soul urge - This means the desire of the heart. It reflects the inner person likes and dislikes as well.
3. Dreams - They are the basis of personality.
4. Life path - From the name itself, way of life affects the direction in life, that person should take.
5. Challenges - Life is full of it. And there should be a means of overcoming such a person should have.
6. Pinnacles - Vertices describe the basic stages of human life.
7. Personal year - This aspect is trying to show how life will flow in future years.
8. Birthday - This vibration of the birth of a person who is being studied.
9. Compatibility - It's goal is to help people find relationships through their numbers.
10. Divine triangle - This is considered a spiritual map.

Numerology and astrology helped people from all walks of life. Therefore, anyone who is interested in such will surely benefit much.