Top ten dog foods

Buying a dog does not come without responsibility. The caring and grooming, training and providing the dogs with proper food are few of the responsibilities that come with the taming of the dogs. Feeding proper food is one of the major concerns of the dog owners. Few things need to be kept in mind while choosing the food for the dog, which include the age, breed and also the animals sensitivity to different food products. Most of the dogs eat almost anything and everything given to them but some dogs do have some kind of food allergies and food sensitivities.

Choice of the food for the dogs is quite a task. But the in market there are many brand which satisfy the various need related to the feeding of the dogs. Top ten dog foods can be chosen from the reviews on the dog foods and also from the customer reviews.

According to the customer reviews the top ten dog foods are Orijen Dog Food, Innova Dog Food, Solid Gold Dog Food, Wellness Dog Food, Natural Balance Dog Food, Canidae Dog food, Blue Buffalo Dog Food, Merrick Dog Food, California Natural Dog Food and Newman's Own Organics Dog Food. These foods provide the dogs with the high quality meat protein, digestible fruit and moderate vegetable content. Some of these also include ingredients, like brown rice, potatoes, carrots, whole eggs, chicken, turkey, chicken broth and herring. Few of them are prepared with a balanced amount of both vegetables and meat.

It is not important that one has to choose only from these brands but what is more important is that the products ingredients and the quality should be analyzed property keeping the need and the breed of the specific dog one owns in mind. Visiting a veterinary doctor to take advice about the dog food is also an open option for the dog owners who get confused in the selection of the dog food.