Mobile platform - Android

androidAndroid is the mobile platform developed and marketed by Google. Android is used as the platform for smart phones of almost all top companies. Companies like Sony, Dell, HTC, Samsung and others which have included themselves in the Open Handset Alliance are given with the Android codes developed by Google. OHA is dedicated to the development and research of Android operating systems. Android makes mobile device so powerful and useful.

The Home Screen, Web Browser, E-Mail, Google Play and everything in it are designed to make one’s life easier. Google Play is the easiest way to enjoy music, movies, books, apps and games all without the need for wires or hassle. It also enables the user to sync two devices like smart phones, tablets, PC’s etc without the need of any cables.

The widgets of all favourite apps can be put on the Home Screen, and so there is no need for opening different apps or navigating away from the home screen, to check the weather or have a peek at the inbox or view the favourite photos.

The notification tray is easy -to- read and gives a quick access to calls, incoming messages and new mails in a non- intrusive way. Switching between apps is made very quick and seamless with the Android. Even before this, there were options in mobile platforms to switch between apps but they were not so fast and had crashing problems but Android was able to rectify them both.

The most astonishing feature of android is that Voice Search has been enabled in the device. With the voice search, the texting has been made easier as it supports more than 30 languages. It requires voice recognition at the beginning and then the user can enjoy a seamless real time texting experience without the need to wait.