Advantages of Linux

linuxLinux is the fastest growing operating system today. Linux operating systems are available for Desktop, Server, Scientific Computing, Network Satellites, IBM Power and SAP Business Applications and Management purposes. Linux servers are used world-wide for handling millions of dollars in trades, purchases and analysis every day. Linux’s advantage is that it supports all major hardware platforms. It also supports over a thousands of commercial and custom applications. Linux is highly efficient, scalable and reliable.

It has an unprecedented resource management and has integral security features. Linux servers are optimized for multi-cored systems and it facilitates for a stable application production and development platform. The new Linux server of Red Hat is very popular due to its improved application performance and reduced data bottlenecks. It has the best integrated virtualization than any other operating system has. For this reason, Linux OS is now getting popular among people and used as an alternative to Windows, MS-DOS, Mac OS, Solaris and many more. Linux is available through open source community.

Open source is a realistic economic and business model. Open source software works through trust and cooperation. Anyone with programming knowledge can use or modify all of this code as they wish and moreover without any kinds of further payment. Linux servers are used for mission critical computing purposes in a variety of enterprise data centres. The servers work closely with its hardware partners and other industry standard groups to enable latest hardware functionality.

It also ensures a high end-to-end data integrity. The administrators as well as the application developers are given complete rights to set policies by process, applications. One can even match network, CPU usage and memory to meet business needs and service-level agreements. Linux server provides a complete security stack from network firewall to secure containers for isolation of application.