Computer security

csWith the diverse application of computers and network, there has been a threat to the entire network system. Computer security is the key to destroy all the threats. Computer security has evolved in recent years. This deals with the secure network and secure system operation.

This concept protects the system from theft, information loss, corruption, disaster, malware, disruption of services and other infections. It is the collective mechanism to protect the entire information from collapse by the unauthorized user. There are various technologies of the computer security. Security is provided by design, architecture, coding, cloud computing, default software etc.

There are various strategies to design security system. Some of them are trust all trustworthy software to abide by security policy, trust all validated software, trust no software, hardware mechanism etc. Automated theorem proving is one of the techniques to ensure the correctness of the crucial software. The designers of the security system should ensure that security breaches are predictable.

Secure architecture defines the security controls positioning and the overall information architecture. The various controls maintain the attributes like confidentiality, integrity, availability, assurance. There are also some hardware mechanisms for secure computing. Devices like dongles are secure due to the external access. Authentication techniques can be used to ensure the communication endpoint.

Capability and access control technique ensure separation. Chain of trust technique ensures authenticity of the software. Cryptographic techniques give protection in transition between computers. This technique protects the message from others by encoding. An intrusion detection system scans the network for the welfare of the users. Firewalls are the default software used to restrict network traffic and protection of data.

Honey pots are used in the computers to catch the vulnerabilities. This article gives the concepts of computer security and various topologies and strategies of the computer security.