110cc ATVs For Kids - Basic Facts

atv-kidsMost people only know that ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle. The unwritten tag that attaches to such vehicles is that these are only for adults or professionals. These vehicles are exciting to own as well as ride and children love these versatile vehicles. Hence, many of the toy making companies or bike brands are making the miniature versions which are meant only for the kids. Today the ATV for kids rule the markets.

The Meaning Of 1100 cc

For parents who are interested 1100 cc ATV is the perfect choice for their kids but they also need some information on the specifications. The phrase “110cc, 4 stroke engine” is heard when one is opting to buy ATVs that are fuel powered. Most parents would like to know whether these are like the real ones. These are skin to real ones for which one needs to prepare a little. There are age limits mentioned for such vehicles as per the cc of an engine. Usually a 1100 cc ATV will be able to perform like a scooter but these are off road bike rides. Such powered sports items cannot be for riders who are beginners. For them it is best to choose between 50 cc to 1000 cc models.

Various Types Of 1100 Cc Rides

The ATV models developed for children usually have a purpose or theme in mind. Accordingly the features as well as design, shape and overall look will vary from military theme or a rescue mission theme. These are great for role playing and can also include ranching themes or fantasy, camping, racing and even monster trucks for super heroes.

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